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My August Challenges

As usual, I have set myself challenges this month. These are my August challenges:

  • Use up 3 products / items from my ‘use up pile’ each day.
  • Work on blog improvements for 1 hour each day.

Here is a little more detail about my challenges:

Using things up

I set myself the exact same challenge in June and July, and I decided to carry it on into August. You can read more about this challenge in the following posts:

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During August I hope to use up even more things from my ‘using up pile’ so that I have less clutter taking up space in my room.

Working on blog improvements

I have a long list of improvements I want to make to my blog. Whenever I think of something that needs doing, or could be improved, I jot it down. Unfortunately, I rarely make the time to actually do these things! I am usually focused on writing new blog posts and promoting them on social media. This is great, but it means I have neglected a lot of background work on my blog.

These are some examples of the blog improvements I want to make:

  • Improve my older blog posts and optimise them for SEO.
  • Take better photos for some of my old posts.
  • Take a good profile picture for social media.
  • Improve the automatic emails that get sent to my subscribers when I publish a new blog post.
  • Improve my About page.
  • Create more links between existing posts.
  • Add a collaborations page.

Those are just a few of the many improvements I have on my list! I certainly have a lot to keep me busy, so that’s why I have decided to focus on these blog improvements in August. 

My plan is to spend 1 hour every day working on improvements. I won’t tackle them in any particular order, I will just do whatever takes my fancy (or seems most urgent) on any given day.

There are all sorts of improvements I can make, and they will include anything to do with social media as well as the blog itself. They will also include activities away from my laptop such as taking photos for existing posts and pages on my blog. However, I won’t include writing or preparing content for new blog posts, because I do that anyway and I see it as a separate activity. If there is any ambiguity, if something is helpful towards my blog (with the exception of working on new posts) then it is valid as part of my ‘blog improvements’ hour.

I will of course continue to write and publish new blog posts this month, even though they won’t count as part of my ‘blog improvements’ hour. I look forward to sharing new posts with you as well as spicing up my older posts, and improving my site in general!

Have you set yourself any goals or challenges this August?

I would love to know what your goals are this month! Maybe you are having a clear out too, or aiming to make some improvements to your blog or website? Let me know in the comments!

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August Challenges


  1. Your posts are great! I’ve just caught up with a few and love the challenges you set yourself! I was inspired by you last month to use things up as I have a lot of little toiletries from gift sets etc that sit in a box so I’m using them up and it’s been great to try new things out! I’ve been setting myself a challenge of spending 15 mins a day doing something for my business/blog etc and it has been going fine….some days I spent a lot more time and others it is just 15 mins! Good luck with your challenge and look forward to your next post! Xx

    1. Sophie Harriet says:

      Thank you so much, I’m glad you enjoyed my posts and that I inspired you to use things up too! It’s really fun trying out new things isn’t it! It sounds like we have really similar goals and challenges this month. Thank you, and good luck with yours too! xx

  2. My goals this month are to create more pins for my posts and update older posts. Good luck on your goals!

    1. Sophie Harriet says:

      Those are great goals, some of my older posts could do with updating too! Thank you, good luck with yours too!

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