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March Goals Round-Up

March did not go as expected. The COVID-19 pandemic completely changed the course of the month, and I’m sure the same is true for most of you reading this. What I thought was going to be a really busy few weeks turned out to be completely empty because everything got cancelled!

I have been self-isolating (with my family) for a while now, which obviously brings limitations. However, I have been focusing on the positives of this situation! The extra free time at home gave me an opportunity to work on my March goals, and I completed all of the ones that were possible to complete at home.

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My March Goals – and How I Did


I did this every day, apart from on one day when my internet cut out halfway through a video. I re-did that video the next day, plus another one. I’m still really enjoying Yoga and plan to continue in April.

Each month, Adriene puts out a themed playlist of yoga videos, one for each day of the month. April’s theme is ‘Nurture’. I plan to follow along with this playlist rather than just picking videos randomly which is what I did in March.

  • Go for 1 run

I succeeded in going for 1 run. I went on a sunny Sunday morning when there weren’t many people around. It felt good to be out running again, and I ran further than I had intended to when I set out. I plan to raise my target to 2 or maybe even 3 runs in April.


  • Read 1 book

I succeeded in reading 1 book, which I finished on the 26th March. I am already about 1/3 of the way into another book. In April, I plan to finish it and read more books.

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  • Spend 15 hours in total working on all things blog related

I reached my target of spending 15 hours working on my blog, on the 26th March. It wasn’t a huge target, but I did make a few breakthroughs with my blog this month, and I feel more up-to-date with it.

I plan to spend even more time on my blog in April, and I plan to set some specific blogging-related goals rather than a time-based goal this time.


  • Attend 3 social events

I only managed to attend 1 social event in March, which was a birthday celebration for my friend. I had planned to attend more social events later in the month, but unfortunately, COVID-19 prevented this from happening. Therefore I didn’t reach this goal but it was due to circumstances beyond my control.

I have been speaking to friends on instant messaging and Skype and playing board games with them online, but I chose not to count this towards my total. I have also been checking up on my friends quite a bit during the lockdown, to see how they are, which I am proud of.

In April I probably won’t set a social goal because I don’t know when the social distancing measures will be lifted. But I plan to stay in touch with my friends as much as possible, via instant messaging and Skype.

Moving out

  • Use 3 items from my ‘use-up pile’ every day

I used up 3 things from my pile every day, and this included using some things up completely. In lockdown, I have had more time to use things that take longer to use, including bath oil, hair treatments and body scrubs. So my ‘use-up pile’ is looking a little emptier!

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  • Make a ‘vision playlist’

I made a ‘vision playlist’ of happy, positive songs with lyrics that I want to reflect in my life. It didn’t take me long to go through my old playlists and pick out suitable songs. The playlist is currently 42 minutes long and consists of 12 songs. I plan to continue adding to my vision playlist whenever I hear a new song that could go on it.

Last week, I spent some time dancing to the songs on my vision playlist. This was a fun and uplifting experience because the songs all have such positive lyrics! I think dancing to or listening to this playlist would be a great way to cheer myself up if I ever need it.

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  • Write in my gratitude journal every day

I did this every day and I am still loving it.

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  • Be in bed with lights out by 12 at the latest each night

I did this every night, in fact, I went to bed even earlier on quite a few nights. On the nights when I went to bed earlier, I usually felt more refreshed when I woke up in the morning, even if I woke up earlier. I am finding it easier now to be in bed by 12. Therefore, I have decided to challenge myself to be in bed by 11.45 each night in April.

  • Get out of bed by 8 at the latest each morning

Similarly, I managed this and am finding it easier now. Therefore, I am challenging myself to be out of bed by 7.45 in April.

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  • Read issues 3-5 of the Permaculture Times

I succeeded in doing this. I enjoyed reading them and have learned some things! Since the start of March, two new issues of the Permaculture Times have arrived in my inbox, so I will probably challenge myself to read those in April.


  • Maximum of 15 ‘sweet treats’ during the month

Unfortunately, I went over my limit of 15, but I learnt a lesson here!

I started off well, and hardly had any sweet treats (cakes, chocolate, desserts etc.) at the beginning of the month. I stayed on track until around the 20th of March. Then I started to crave chocolate, and I had some in my cupboard, so I decided to treat myself. My mistake was in ‘treating myself’ for several days in a row, so that by the 24th March I had had 14 sweet treats and was only allowed one more for the rest of March. 

This was fine, and I would have succeeded in resisting sweet things if my mum hadn’t made a cake. It was a lovely, vegan fruit cake and of course, I was going to have some. My first slice was my 15th sweet treat of the month, but I had two more slices over the next couple of days, which took me over the limit to 17.

What I have learnt here is to space my sweet treats out and make sure that I have enough left for the end of the month, just in case an opportunity comes up for a sweet treat that I wouldn’t want to miss!

Despite going over the limit and having 17 treats, I still had less this month than I had last month (my limit was 20 and I had 19) so I have still made progress towards reducing sugar in my diet.

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  • Watch Harry Potter films 2 and 3

I watched both of these films, and enjoyed them! I definitely plan to watch more Harry Potter films in April.

That’s the end of my March Goals Round-Up

I’m proud of myself for completing the majority of my March goals. I’m also confident that I would have completed my social goal too if it hadn’t been for the COVID-19 situation. The silver lining of being in isolation is having lots of free time to work on goals and projects at home. I will be tailoring my April goals to make the most of this.

Did you set yourself any goals in March? Did the COVID-19 situation affect them in any way? Let me know in the comments below.

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March Goals Round-Up


  1. I loved this article. It has given me some ideas while I am in lockdown. Thanks x

    1. Sophie Harriet says:

      Thank you, I’m so glad it’s given you some ideas! x

  2. That’s great that you reached so many goals last month! I’m going to check out the yoga videos. I haven’t been exercising at all lately and u need to do something.

    1. Sophie Harriet says:

      Thank you! I highly recommend Yoga with Adriene!

  3. Well done hitting so many of your goals! I’m not huge on yoga, but I have to admit I do enjoy some of Yoga with Adriene’s videos. My goals weren’t too affected by Covid-19 but it did interrupt my desire to do things for about two weeks in the middle of the month. Before and after that, I was able to keep up with pretty much everything.

    1. Sophie Harriet says:

      Thank you! I love that Adriene has some short videos so that even when I don’t really feel like doing yoga, I can still manage to do something. It’s totally understandable that you lost your motivation in the middle of the month – we were transitioning into really strange times so it’s totally okay if you didn’t get much done. Glad you’ve managed to keep up with everything since then.

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