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July Challenges – Using Things Up and Exercising

This will be a fairly short update on how my ‘Using Things Up’ challenge went in June, and to let you know my plans for July!

One of my main focuses in June was to use up items and products that I have had for a while, and wasn’t using. This is because I wanted to clear out some things and make some space. I made a pile of items that need using up, and challenged myself to use at least 3 items from the pile each day. You can read more about my June challenge here.

Did I manage to use lots of things up?

Yes I did! At least, I managed to use 3 things from my pile every day. Many of the things I used needed multiple uses before they were completely used up. This means that the pile has not diminished a huge amount in size. However, I have certainly used a few things right up, including some samples of cosmetic products, and some magazines and leaflets.

Most of the time, I tended to go for quicker, easier things to use, such as a magazines and hair products. I also had a few ‘go-to’ items that I used almost every day. These included a puzzle book and some turmeric latte that was past its ‘best before’ date! I am happy about the fact that I focused on certain items until they were used up. This way, they got used up faster and then I could move on to other things.

On some days, when I didn’t have much time, I only spent a short amount of time using things up. For example, I would just do one puzzle, or read one page of a magazine. But that’s okay, progress is progress, however small!

I have enjoyed using some different things, and have even rediscovered some favourite products that I hadn’t used for a while, such as turmeric latte!

Adding more things to the pile

I intended to add more things to my ‘use up’ pile whenever I found things that needed using up. However, I have only added very few extra things to the pile in the last month. This is because I decided to stick with using up what’s there until it gets low. I do have a few specific things in mind that I would like to add to the pile when I decide it needs topping up, though.

Using things up in July

I have decided to continue this challenge throughout July. This is because I want to carry on the progress I am making, and finish using up the items I have started using. Making this into a challenge gives me the motivation and momentum to keep using them. Otherwise I would be likely to go back to my usual staples. 

The benefits of clearing out stuff are yet to come. It takes time to use things up, so it makes sense for this to be a longer project. I may even end up continuing this challenge into August if I still have a lot of things left in the pile!

I have several craft sets in my ‘use up’ pile, which I didn’t get round to using in June. In July I will have a bit more time, so I hope to have a few extended craft sessions, which will be fun!

This is an enjoyable challenge to do, so I’m happy to be carrying it on. I look forward to using even more variety of items from my pile over the next month(s)!

Exercise Game

In addition to using things up, I have chosen a second challenge for July. Last month, I wrote a post about How to Make Exercise into a Game. I have decided to do my exercise game for 30 minutes every day in July. I will be doing it exactly as described in my post, so there is not much more to say here, other than go and check out the post to see what I am talking about!

What are your goals or challenges this month?

Is there anything in particular you are focusing on this month? Maybe you are having a clear out too, or following an exercise routine? Let me know in the comments!

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July Challenges - Using Things Up and Exercising

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