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It Started with Flossing Teeth… My First Monthly Challenge!

In February 2017, I first got the idea to do a challenge every month. My first challenge, which I started part-way through the month, was to floss my teeth every day. I chose it as a simple starter challenge, and hoped it would be beneficial too. Despite knowing the supposed benefits of flossing teeth, I had never kept up the discipline of flossing every day. I remember I used to find it fiddly, time-consuming and unpleasant.

How did my flossing challenge go?

Here are the notes I wrote at the end of the challenge:

I flossed every evening since I started the challenge (around Feb 9th). At first my gums were a bit sore and bleeding, but after about a week and a half it got much better. I can see benefits as bits of food came out. The technique gets easier and easier. I think I have formed a habit of it and am definitely planning to continue flossing every evening. It is a normal part of my routine now.

Am I still flossing?

Now, in September 2018, I am still flossing every evening, missing perhaps 1 or 2 evenings a month on average, for example if I am out late and want to keep my bathroom routine to a minimum when I get home, or if I run out of floss. But flossing is very much cemented into my normal evening bathroom routine. Now any time I don’t floss, I feel like my teeth aren’t properly clean. 

I find flossing easy now, because I soon got used to the technique and it doesn’t seem fiddly or particularly unpleasant any more. It just goes to show that anything that you once found difficult can get easier with practice.

My gums hardly ever get sore or bleed, and overall my mouth seems healthy, and my teeth are white. I got better comments from the dentist last December, compared to the previous December when I hadn’t been flossing. For the first time, I wasn’t told that I should be flossing. 

I would like to find an environmentally friendly floss. I currently use standard floss (various leading brands) as I haven’t managed to find one that is made from an environmentally friendly material and packaging. This is something I will keep a look out for. 

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It Started with Flossing Teeth - My First Monthly Challenge

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