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Evaluation – November 2018 Oil Pulling Challenge

This month, I challenged myself to:

Oil pull properly for 20 minutes each morning

I succeeded in oil pulling every morning for at least 20 minutes. I wasn’t perfect – sometimes I stopped swishing – but I usually remembered quickly and picked up the swishing again. I was definitely much more constant in my swishing than I was before this challenge.

I thought that I might need to sit still and concentrate purely on the oil pulling in order to do it constantly for 20 minutes, but actually I carried on doing other tasks like I normally would. I think that somehow, knowing I was doing this challenge was enough to get me to keep the oil pulling to mind, and swish more consistently. I think if I wanted to really ingrain the habit of swishing constantly for the full 20 minutes, then I might need to sit still, but even so, I managed to make a big improvement whilst still doing other tasks.

My mouth seems to have been healthy this month – no sore gums or other problems. I had a mild cold towards the beginning of the month – maybe that was a ‘detox’ cold, as I’ve had that happen before when I first started oil pulling, and maybe other times when I came back to it after stopping for a while, but I can’t remember. It’s as if the body is cleaning out some toxins through a mild cold, and overall health is better afterwards. But it could just be coincidence that a cold came at that time! I haven’t noticed any other particular added benefits from my oil pulling this month.

I intend to keep on oil pulling, and keep up my efforts to swish constantly!

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