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New Series: ‘Calmness Mini Tips’

New Series: Calmness Mini Tips

I have decided to start a new series that I will call ‘Calmness Mini Tips’. I have experienced anxiety over the past couple of years and I am gradually learning ways to help myself cope with and overcome it. Sometimes I think of a new idea that seems to work for me, and I jot it down in my journal. I have already shared several of these ideas on my blog. If they sound relevant to you then I would recommend checking out the following blog posts:

It’s been a while since I published mental health advice on my blog though, and I have come up with quite a few coping methods lately. Most of them are only small snippets of advice or shifts in my thinking. I could combine these into a longer blog post, but I thought they might be more digestible if I publish them in separate, bite-sized chunks. Hence, the Calmness Mini Tips series has been born!

Why the name, ‘Calmness Mini Tips’?

When I first came up with the idea of this series, I thought of calling it ‘Anxiety Mini Tips’. However, this immediately brings to mind the very thing we DON’T want, i.e. anxiety. I thought it would be better to focus on the positive state we are aiming for – the opposite of anxiety – and calmness is the word that came to mind. Also, I want to present my tips as relevant for everyone who wants to achieve calmness in their life, not just those who specifically identify with experiencing anxiety.

Another idea I had was to call the series ‘Mental Health Mini Tips’ but I felt that that was too general. I don’t claim to know about all the different mental illnesses, or whether my tips would be helpful for all of them. I feel that ‘Calmness’ sounds more inclusive. Who doesn’t want a bit of calmness in their life?

So, watch this space for the first of my Calmness Mini Tips! I look forward to sharing them with you.

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