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Manifesting Deer

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Back in July, I read a book called Love Life, Live Life’ by Sue Stone, which is about the Law of Attraction, and how you can visualise how you want your life to be, and things that you want to come into your life, and they will manifest. I already knew about the Law of Attraction, but the book really inspired me at a time when I was going through a lot of anxiety – it made me really believe that everything would be okay – I just had to visualise it being okay. And it really worked – I had a few rehearsals the following week, and in the days leading up to them, I told myself I was looking forward to the rehearsals, and it would be nice to see the people, and I was going to really enjoy them. As the rehearsals approached, I felt very little anxiety about them, compared to how I had previously been feeling. And indeed, I was absolutely fine. 

But what’s that got to do with deer? A few days after finishing the book, I was out for a walk with my dad, and I was thinking about the Law of Attraction. I decided to do a little test – and asked the universe to bring me a deer, as I would like to see one. It was pretty rare to see a deer – I had seen them before but not usually whilst out for a walk – I certainly hadn’t ever seen deer more than a couple of times a year. So I knew that if one turned up on this walk, it was likely something to do with my asking to see one!

I felt genuinely confident that my deer would turn up. I kept a look out for it, during the whole walk. It never appeared. I got home, and went to the end of the garden to see if there was a deer in the field behind my house. No deer. But I still believed my deer would turn up at some point, maybe it would just take a little time. The next day, I went for another walk, looking for a deer again, but still no sign of one. The day after that, yet another walk, and it seems that there is something to the saying ‘third time lucky’!

My dad and I had just come out of some woods, into a field. We walked a little, and then I turned my head to scan the outline of the field. And there was my deer! Standing still, a little way out of the woods at the edge of the field to my left, just standing, looking at us. I said quietly to my dad ‘Look!’ and he turned and saw the deer too. Then, the deer turned and leapt off into the woods. My dad said ‘Well spotted!’ – I think he was quite surprised to see a deer, as to my memory, we had never seen one in that particular field, or even in that area, before. I felt so happy and full of joy as I knew that was ‘my deer’ and it was there for me. I was so grateful. It was as though the deer was my symbol that everything would be okay. I just had to believe it would be – just like I believed I would see the deer. 

What I wasn’t expecting, was for deer to keep showing up in my life ever since, and far more frequently than I ever saw deer before! I have been for a lot of walks in the forest and woods, and I’d say at least 50% of the time, I have seen one or more deer, often when I wasn’t even thinking about or looking for them! I have also seen deer in the field behind my house – especially in the mornings and evenings. Often they turn up just when I need a symbol that I’m going to be okay. In August I went to Sweden to visit a friend, and we saw a moose (in the wild) – it was in an area that moose didn’t normally inhabit, and it was the first time my friend had seen one, despite having lived there for 3 years! It took a little while before I made the connection that a moose was a type of deer!

Swedish moose

People have frequently mentioned deer to me in conversations, sometimes in a completely random context. My mum bought a painting of a deer, and my parents brought me shortbread from Scotland in a deer tin. I did a guided meditation, and I smiled when it told me to visualise a deer grazing nearby. Deer seem to turn up everywhere! It makes me smile whenever I see one or hear a reference to one.

This has slightly extended to foxes too (and woodland creatures in general – including squirrels, hares…) – I’m not quite sure why, but I think I just had the semi-conscious thought about manifesting woodland creatures, and also, I was sewing a fox cub toy over the summer. Somebody was speaking about foxes one morning, and how it was unusual to see one, and the very same day I saw one when I was out for a walk. I have seen another fox since then. I don’t remember ever seeing a fox around here before.

The frequency of these animals being seen / mentioned just seems to high for it to be chance, or simply me being on the lookout for them and more alert to references to them. I’m delighted by the deer in my life and they are a very special animal to me now. A symbol of what is possible and a symbol of hope. 

I am half expecting to see a deer outside my window as I write this post!

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  1. I think its too much of a coincidence personally. Yes, you may be looking out for them more, but it’s just too much to really call it conscientious, you know?
    But then I often see magpies (I hate them) and think ‘God, these birds must hate me, they are a bad oman and always want to follow me’. I automatically associate that as being a sign that everything is going to pot, but maybe it’s just because I’m on the look out more for them that they appear?

    Who knows really.

    At any rate thank you for sharing.

    – Nyxie

    1. Sophie Harriet says:

      I totally agree, it happens too much to just be a coincidence! But I suppose there’s no way to actually prove it – and either way, it just shows that we should focus on good things because then we are likely to see more of them! x

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