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Dancing with the Universe

I had an amazing experience the other morning, while I was dancing around to music. I decided to test out the Law of Attraction by asking the Universe to take control of my music playlist which was on shuffle, and play me the songs that I needed to hear in that particular moment. Here is some background before I launch into the story:

Exercise, Music and Dance

I try to incorporate exercise into my daily life as often as possible. As well as being good for our bodies, exercise is great for mental health. I read a great book on this subject called ‘Spark: How exercise will improve the performance of your brain’ which I recommend checking out if you are interested. 

One of the ways I exercise at home is to put on some upbeat music and dance! Over time, I have built up an extensive playlist of energetic, lively songs that are great to dance to. I only add songs to my dance playlist if they have positive, uplifting lyrics as well as a ‘danceable’ beat. Music is a powerful force in itself, and listening to positive lyrics is a great mood booster. Hence the combination of exercise and music is like a super strength tonic for my mental health! There have been many occasions where a dance session has lifted my spirits out of a ‘funk’, and made me feel much better.

The Law of Attraction

Lately, I have been experimenting with the Law of Attraction. According to this law, you will attract into your life the things that you are vibrationally aligned with, i.e. what you think about and believe. If you think positive thoughts, positive things will come into your life. If you think about something you want, such as a job, a car, a sum of money or a new friend or romantic relationship, and you truly believe you can have it, then the Universe will set things into action to bring you what you want. Conversely, if you dwell on what is wrong in your life, more things will keep going wrong!

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As well as the Law of Attraction, I am also a believer in Angels. I think that Angels are universal and they have many different names. Angel is one name that many religions use and I use it because it is familiar to me. However, I don’t see them as connected to any particular religion, or even as religious beings at all.

I believe that Angels guide us and protect us, even when we are not conscious of them. I also believe that we can ask them for help with all sorts of things, big and small!

Incidentally, my theory is that the Universe doesn’t ‘think’ for itself, it simply follows the Law of Attraction. On the other hand, Angels do think for themselves, and they have the power to override this law. Angels always have our best interests at heart, so they would only override the Law of Attraction in ways that will help us. That doesn’t mean to say that they will make our lives easy all the time though. Sometimes there are lessons we have to learn the hard way!

Essentially, I believe that we manifest whatever we think about, according to the Universal Law of Attraction. However, Angels step in and prevent the really bad stuff from happening. They also give extra nudges to help the good stuff happen.

When I say ‘I asked the Universe’, I suppose what I really mean is ‘I set an intention to be carried out by the Universe via the Law of Attraction, with the help of the Angels’. But that’s a bit of a mouthful so I’ll stick with ‘I asked the Universe’!

Angels make great DJs

Before my dance session the other day, I was feeling a little bit down and in need of some motivation. I knew that dancing would help me to feel better anyway, but I decided to try an experiment for an extra boost. I put my dance playlist on shuffle, and asked the Universe to play me the songs that would help me to feel great. In particular, I asked for 30 minutes of uplifting, motivating, happy and energetic songs that would give me a good workout. 

Amazingly, that’s what I got! Each song seemed so perfect. All the songs on my playlist are good to dance to, but some are faster and livelier than others. I got a very lively selection that kept me dancing with full vigour throughout my session! I also got songs with lyrics that were very relevant to me at the moment. Often, it was as though the Universe / Angels were speaking directly to me through the lyrics.

As each song played, I felt more and more joyful. I was smiling, laughing and talking to the Universe about the choice of songs. I made more requests as I went along, and thanked the Universe and Angels for doing such a great job with this!

I have made a Spotify playlist of the songs that were played, and I will list them below, with the reasons why I think they were chosen for me.

The Songs

Ne-Yo – Let Me Love You (Until You Learn To Love Yourself)

This is an energetic song with positive lyrics, and it was as though the Universe / Angels were talking to me through the lyrics, for example:

“Girl let me love you, and I will love you, until you learn to love yourself,
Girl let me love you, I know your trouble, don’t be afraid, girl let me help.”

Enrique Inglesias, Pitbull – I’m A Freak

(Warning – this song contains explicit lyrics)

This is another energetic, kind of goofy song that is fun to dance to, so it kept me moving!

Nicki Minaj – Starships

(Warning – this song contains explicit lyrics)

This is a song I enjoyed a lot when it first came out. I like the starships reference because it can be interpreted as a power ‘up above’, and also as a metaphor for reaching for the sky and our dreams

“Starships were meant to fly,
Hands up, and touch the sky.”

The song also refers to dancing. I had asked for songs that would give me a good workout, so these lyrics were like a dialogue between me and the universe:

“I’m on the floor, floor, I love to dance, so give me more, more, till I can’t stand,
Get on the floor, floor, like it’s your last chance, if you want more, more, then here I am”

Oliver Heldens – Last All Night (Koala)

This was yet another up-tempo song to keep up my dancing energy!

Years & Years – King

This song evokes good memories of a fun time in my life. It also has motivating lyrics, especially towards the end of the song:

“Oh, oh, let’s fight,
Oh, oh, oh, let’s fight…”

These lyrics inspired me to keep fighting through my challenges and reaching for my dreams.


“Let go, let go, let go of everything…”

These lyrics are also very relevant to me at the moment because there are some things I need to let go of, and listening to this song helped me.

Jess Glynne – I’ll Be There

This song was slightly slower than the previous songs, which gave me a little break from the intense exercise. I think this particular song was chosen because I learned to sing it last year, so I switched to some light dancing and focused on singing along to this song instead. The lyrics were also a message from the Universe / Angels:

“You’ll never be alone, I’ll be there for you.”

Rita Ora – I Will Never Let You Down

This is a favourite song of mine, and I was literally thinking of it earlier on as an example of an uplifting song! I laughed when it started playing. The lyrics spoke to me again:

“When you say you’ve had enough, and you might just give it up, oh, oh, I will never let you down.”

Just perfect!

Katy Perry – Birthday

I had forgotten this song even existed so it was a great re-discovery! It’s such a fun, energetic and celebratory song. It reminded me of the good things I have achieved, like creating this blog, and helped me to celebrate these achievements! The lyrics reinforce that I just have to ask / wish, and the Universe will bring me what I need:

“So make a wish, I’ll make it like your birthday every day,
I’ll be your gift, give you something good to celebrate!”.

EO – German

This song is a slower tempo, so it made a great warm-down song as I was coming to the end of my 30 minute dance session. Although I am not into cars specifically, this song represents having wealth and being successful. The previous song got me into a celebratory mood over what I have achieved so far, and then this song helped me to project this into the future, and visualise myself as having achieved all of my dreams and overcome all my challenges!

“…Because the world is ours, 
Look at my wrist, that’s the reward for all these battle scars”


To top it off, after I finished exercising I checked my phone and the time was 11:11! The 11:11 phenomenon is fascinating so I recommend looking it up if you don’t know what it is. Basically, seeing the numbers 11:11 everywhere can be interpreted as a sign from the Universe that you are on the right track, and that the Universe has got your back.

A great playlist for a 30 minute workout

I have made a Spotify playlist of these songs which you can access here.

I believe that this playlist was influenced by the fact that I asked for the songs I needed to hear. However, I am open to the possibility that it was completely coincidental! After all, the majority of songs on my dance playlist are upbeat, and I could have interpreted any song in a positive way. There’s no way of knowing for certain, from an objective standpoint. I will certainly be experimenting more with the Law of Attraction to reinforce my beliefs and get to know better how it works. 

Even if you believe this playlist was purely a result of the Spotify shuffle function, it’s still a great playlist to dance to, so I hope you enjoy it!

If anyone has tried an experiment like this before (or tries it as a result of reading this post), I’d love to hear about it! What songs did the Universe play for you?

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Dancing with the Universe


  1. I often ask the universe, or people I know that have passed, to take control of my music, and I often have the BEST luck! I have a Spotify playlist called speaking which I believe was made by one of my best friends who has passed almost 2 years ago. The lyrics are too specific for it to be a coincidence. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Sophie Harriet says:

      That’s amazing to hear that I’m not the only one who has done this! I’m sorry your friend passed, but that’s so special to have that playlist that you believe was made by them. An amazing way to connect, and it must be comforting x

  2. Jenny says:

    Starships and Birthday are SUCH good dancing songs! I love this post. I’m trying to up my exercise at the moment – I do a LOT of Yoga but I want to do something else and I absolutely despise running or cycling or anything like that, so dancing around to music might be my perfect option! I think I’ll give this a go 🙂 I also love the Law of Attraction too, I really do believe it in. I’ve had a pretty negative month or so and it’s been a real struggle at times and I can feel it in the way that things are happening around me. I know we can’t be positive 24/7 but we really do get out what we put in!


    1. Sophie Harriet says:

      They’re great aren’t they! I also struggle to do enough exercise sometimes, but dancing around to music is something that I usually feel like doing because it’s fun! I’d love to know how it turns out for you. It’s true that we get out what we put in! It’s easy to forget this, but I’m trying to remember to use the Law of Attraction more and more until it becomes a natural part of my life! x

  3. Great list of songs. I’m just learning about the Law of Attraction so found this very interesting. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Sophie Harriet says:

      Glad you enjoyed it! 🙂

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