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Blogtober Day 21 – Making Witch Hats for my Cat

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Today’s Blogtober activity was very silly and lighthearted! I made witch hats for my cat.

A couple of years ago, I was gifted a book called ‘Tiny Hats on Cats’ by Adam Ellis. The book is full of pictures of cats wearing mini paper hats of all different styles, and the instructions for how to make them.

Hardback copy of Tiny Hats on Cats by Adam Ellis

I have never actually made any of the hats before, I’ve only looked at the pictures. Today I had a flick through to see if there were any Halloween themed hats. Lo and behold, I found the witch hat!

A photo of a witch hat on a black cat, in the book 'Tiny Hats on Cats'
A photo of a brown witch hat on a tabby and white cat, in the book 'Tiny Hats on Cats'

I dug out my scissors and glue and found some coloured paper. The instructions were very easy to follow, so I soon completed my first witch hat, modelled on the hats in the pictures above.

Craft supplies laid out on my desk, including glue, compass, brown paper and scissors. The instructions for making a witch hat are in the background.
A brown witch hat with a yellow band and feather, in progress

It didn’t turn out as neat as the ones in the pictures, but overall I was quite pleased with it!

A finished brown witch hat with a yellow belt and feather

Since it didn’t take me long, I decided to make another hat. When I think of a witch hat, I think of a black hat, often with stars on it. So this is what I attempted to make.

I used sparkly silver washi tape to create the band. Then, I cut stars and moon shapes out of white paper and glued them on. This hat didn’t turn out quite as neat as my first one, but it was fun to make.

A black witch hat with a silver band and decorated with white moons and stars

Here are both my hats together:

Two paper witch hats

Trying the witch hats on!

With the hats complete, it was time to try them out on my unsuspecting cat, Lizzie. In the book, it suggested I put some double sided tape on the bottom of the hats so that they very lightly stick to the cat’s head without doing any harm. I did this, and indeed it helped them stay on without feeling as though they were pulling the fur at all.

Lizzie was fast asleep, which meant she was very placid and stayed still when I put the hats on her head. Once they were on, she woke up and she looked very unimpressed with her plight! She tolerated it though, and didn’t get up or try to shake the hats off.

She looked very cute, and I think the hats suited her!

A brown witch hat on a tabby and white cat
A black, starry witch hat on a tabby and white cat
A black and starry witch hat on a tabby and white cat

So, I have successfully made my cat into a ‘witch’s cat’ and got her into the mood for Halloween (although I doubt she would agree!)

If you would also like to make some tiny hats for your cat, you can buy the book here on Amazon. I recommend it, even if all you do is look at the adorable pictures of cats in hats!

Do you dress your pets up for Halloween?

Have you ever bought or made a Halloween costume for your pet? Did they wear it happily, or were they unimpressed like Lizzie was? Let me know in the comments!

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Blogtober Day 21 - Making Witch Hats for my Cat

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