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Blogtober Day 28 – Halloween Nails

In my very first Blogtober post, I showed you my Autumnal toenails that I painted in black and orange. Well, now I’ve painted my fingernails too!

I decided to go for the black and orange theme again, and I got my friend to help me. After applying base coat, I painted my nails orange.

My hand on the table, with orange fingernails and the sleeve of an orange hoodie.
I was wearing an orange hoodie to match – this wasn’t deliberate!

I found a picture on Pinterest of some nails painted with pumpkin faces so I decided to have the same. Unfortunately, my black nail-art pen wasn’t working so we had to improvise by tipping some black nail polish out into a bottle lid, and dipping the pen in there.

My friend drew pumpkin faces on 4 of my nails, and then branched out and drew some other things. I ended up with a spider on my left thumbnail, and some ‘zombie nails’ on my other hand!

Here is the finished result. We were originally only going to use black and orange, but my friend ended up adding splashes of green polish as well as glittery red.

My hands on a kitchen counter, with orange, black and green Halloween nails. I am wearing an orange hoodie.
A close up of my Halloween themed nails
A close up of my thumbnails with Halloween themed nail polish on.

We know that my Halloween nails are not the neatest or most artistic creations in the world – in the words of my friend, ‘they look like a 10-year-old painted them’! But we had fun doing them and I think they are suitably spooky! I intend to keep them for the rest of October.

Have you painted your nails for Halloween?

If so, I would love to know what designs you went for. Let me know in the comments!

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Blogtober Day 28 - Halloween Nails

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