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Blogtober Day 27 – The Westquay Haunted House

For today’s Blogtober activity, I took a trip to Westquay Shopping Centre in Southampton to visit their free Halloween exhibit – the Westquay Haunted House!

I had seen the Haunted House advertised online when I was looking for Halloween activities to do, and it immediately sparked my interest. It is a temporary exhibit, for October half term only, and the website states, ‘Prepare to explore and experience a series of immersive rooms within the house… Whether you adore Halloween or are just looking for some free fun, this event is frightfully good and suitable for any age’. Check out the website yourself to find out all about it!

Visiting the Haunted House

My friend and I went along to see what it was all about. As we approached the Haunted House we saw that there was a queue to get in. We went ahead and joined the queue.

Whilst queuing, we were able to have a good look at the outside of the Haunted House. It was a grey building, with spooky looking doors and windows, and pumpkins strewn around the yard. A lot of detail had gone into the decorations – from the ivy growing over the windows to the skull door knocker!

Westquay Haunted House

We probably queued for around 10 minutes in total, which was fine. There was a lady at the entrance letting groups of people in every minute or so. This was good because it meant the Haunted House didn’t get too crowded inside.

Most of the other people queuing with us were families with young children, but there were groups of teenagers and adults too! As stated on their website, this exhibit is suitable for all ages.

What was inside the Haunted House?

Once we got inside the house, we were greeted by another lady who told us we could look at and touch whatever we wanted. There were all sorts of spooky objects in the first room, and it was a unique experience being able to touch as well as look.


In the next room, there were boxes that we had to put our hands in and guess what was inside. I liked that the Haunted House was interactive in this way.

Place Hands Here

We moved through several more rooms with different spooky exhibits, including UV lights, magic mirrors, and spiders webs. A hint – if you are afraid of spiders then you might not like one of the rooms!

UV Skeleton
Giant Spider

When we had made our way through every room, we came out into a backyard decorated with pumpkins. The whole exhibit didn’t take long to go through, but it was well-thought-out, full of detail, and great fun!


It was definitely worth a visit!

Visiting the Westquay Haunted House will only take you 10-15 minutes (depending on the length of the queue) but if you are visiting Southampton city centre between now and November 3rd, it’s definitely worth popping in for some free spooky fun!

Have you been to the Westquay Haunted House? Or a similar exhibit nearer to you? Let me know in the comments.

Blogtober Day 27 - The Westquay Haunted House

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  1. It was good fun and I really enjoyed
    Spoooooky spiders 🕷

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