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Blogtober Day 24 – A Spooky Trail

Today I visited Winchester because I had seen advertised online that there was a spooky trail taking place around the city. The trail was called the ‘Spooky Winch Word Hunt’ and was organised by Winchester Business Independent District (BID). It was free and open to all ages, so my friend and I decided to give it a go.

What did we have to do?

First, I downloaded and printed an activity sheet from the Winchester BID website. All we had to do was collect Halloween themed words that were displayed in shop windows around the city. The sheet included a map, showing 9 different areas where the words could be found. When we had found all the words, we had to hand the sheet in to the Tourist Information where we would receive a goodie bag!

Spooky Winch Word Hunt sheet showing a map and instructions
Spooky Winch Word Hunt - the back of the sheet with more instructions

After a satisfying lunch to fuel us up, we went outside and got started. Unfortunately it was pouring with rain, and it continued to rain throughout the afternoon! We didn’t let this stop us though.

We had fun spotting the different words in shop windows throughout the city. Most of them were easy to find because they were displayed in multiple shops around each area. I didn’t manage to take any photos during the trail because it was so wet and we just wanted to keep moving!

By the time we took our sheet back to the tourist information we were completely soaked and so was our sheet! We weren’t completely sure we had got all the answers right, but the lady at the desk seemed satisfied with our attempt, and went to get a goodie bag for us!

What was in our goodie bag?

Inside our goodie bag were three sticky tags with animals on – a spider, a bat and a caterpillar (I’m not sure of the proper name for these things!) and also a packet of Haribo sweets. I don’t eat Haribo because it contains gelatin, so my friend had the Haribo and also chose the spider. I kept the bat and the caterpillar.

A fluffy black and white spider sticky tag
Caterpillar and bat sticky tags
Caterpillar and Bat

It was fun to see what we would get in the goodie bag, because I didn’t know what to expect. The prize was only small, but we didn’t mind. The little animals are so cute! I have added the bat and caterpillar to my Halloween display.

A Halloween display - various halloween soft toys and a Halloween themed picture in a frame. My sticky caterpillar and bat are stuck to the frame.

Did you notice the mummy wearing the witch hat?

Halloween Colouring

When I printed out the activity sheet, there was also a separate colouring sheet to print with it, although this wasn’t a requirement for the trail. Nonetheless, I decided to colour these pictures when I got home. It made for a relaxing afternoon, after a very active and soggy lunchtime!

A blank Halloween colouring sheet and a pack of coloured pencils
A filled in Halloween colouring sheet. The picture is of a pumpkin with a black cat poking his head out the top. There are bats and a full moon in the background.
A filled in Halloween colouring sheet, of stacked pumpkins with a haunted house in the background.

Have you taken part in any Halloween trails or activities so far this year?

I would love to hear about any Halloween activities you have been up to. Let me know in the comments!

If you live anywhere near Winchester, I would recommend paying it a visit and trying out the Spooky Winch Word Hunt for yourselves!

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Blogtober Day 24 - A Spooky Trail


  1. Awesome 👏 I enjoy reading your blogs
    Some sound quite fun x

    1. Sophie Harriet says:

      Thank you, I’m glad you enjoy reading my posts! x

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