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Blogtober Day 25 – All about the Pumpkins!

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Today’s blogtober activities were all pumpkin themed. First, I had a bath using the LUSH Sparkly Pumpkin bubble bar which I bought in my Halloween LUSH haul. Later, I did some pumpkin ‘carving’ with a difference!

Sparkly Pumpkin Bubble Bar

As the name suggests, this bubble bar was shaped like a pumpkin, and was very sparkly! The scent was meant to be juniperberry and grapefruit, but I didn’t precisely identify those scents. I would just describe the scent as citrussy.

LUSH Sparkly Pumpkin bubble bar which is in the shape of an orange pumpkin with glitter on.
A close up of the Sparkly Pumpkin bubble bar from LUSH

I ran a hot bath and crumbled the bar under running water. It felt more solid and harder to crumble than the Bewitched bubble bar I used a couple of days ago. The bar produced a similar amount of bubbles however, and it turned the water orange.

Sparkly Pumpkin bubble bar in the bath. The water is orange and the surface is covered with bubbles.

I had a lovely time relaxing in the bath, and the bubbles seemed to stick around for a long time. The water didn’t feel quite as soft and slippery as it did with the other LUSH bath products I have used recently, but it was still lovely.

The bath after using the Sparkly Pumpkin bubble bar. The water is orange and there are some bubbles on the surface.

Being covered in glitter (biodegradable of course), I thought this bubble bar might make a bit of a mess. However, the glitter only seemed to be on the outside of the bar and not throughout it. This meant there was not actually that much glitter after all. I could see occasional bits shimmering in the water, but I certainly didn’t end up coated in glitter. Nor did the bathtub – I gave it a quick rinse after draining the water and there was no glitter to be seen.

I realised afterwards that the pumpkin was meant to have a cinnamon stick for a stalk. Mine seemed to be missing. I couldn’t find it anywhere so I think it must have fallen off in the shop.

This seasonal bubble bar was great fun and the citrus scent was uplifting. I would definitely buy this again next Halloween season.

Decorating Mini Pumpkins

I cannot really claim to have carved any pumpkins today, because there was no carving involved! However, I did decorate four mini pumpkins.

I had been thinking about buying a pumpkin to carve (and I may still do this) but my mum got in there first and bought four mini pumpkins. They are only the size of a large apple and they are so cute!

She suggested to me that I could draw faces on them. This idea appealed to me because it sounded much easier than actually carving them! I decided I would do that today.

Then I had another idea. I could cut eyes, noses and mouths out of coloured paper and stick them on with blu-tack. This way, I could mix and match the features and it wouldn’t matter if I made a mistake! So this is what I did.

Here are the faces I cut out of black and red paper:

Spooky pumpkin faces cut out of red and black paper

I went to stick the faces onto the pumpkins, but I felt there was something missing. These pumpkins needed hats! Well luckily, I had two I had made earlier! I re-used the witch hats I had made the other day for my cat, because they were just the right size for the pumpkins! I also made two more hats, this time in a party hat style. Like the witch hats, I followed the instructions for these in the book, ‘Tiny Hats on Cats’.

Party hats made out of brightly coloured paper

Here is the finished result! I am pretty pleased with these pumpkins and I think they make a great Halloween table centre.

Four mini pumpkins on a plate, decorated with paper faces and party hats.
Four mini pumpkins on a plate, decorated with paper faces and party hats.
Four mini pumpkins on a plate, decorated with paper faces and party hats.
Four mini pumpkins on a plate, decorated with paper faces and party hats.

Have you carved, or decorated, a pumpkin yet this season?

Did you stay traditional and carve your pumpkin, or did you do something a bit different like sticking paper faces on them? Have you ever seen mini pumpkins before? Let me know in the comments!

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Blogtober Day 25 - All About the Pumpkins!

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