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Pinterest Challenge Update

In June, I challenged myself to pin regularly on Pinterest, in order to gain more blog traffic through this source. You can find more details about my challenge in my previous post, but here is a summary of the Pinterest strategy I used:

  • Pin at least 25 times per day.
  • At least 5 of which should be my own pins.
  • At least 2 of which should be newly created each day.
  • Make at least one improvement to my Pinterest profile each day.

I am proud to report that I managed to follow my strategy every single day in June! My Pinterest profile is looking healthy with lots of boards full of pins. But here’s the important question…

Did it work?

In short, yes it did! Due to my activity on Pinterest, I have hugely increased my viewers, engagement and followers. I have also had an increase in traffic to my blog from Pinterest, although this has not been consistent.

At the start of the month, a pin of mine did really well, getting hundreds of thousands of impressions and thousands of saves and link clicks. Because of this, I saw a huge spike of visitors to my blog, all through this one pin! The numbers were increasing every day, and I hoped this would continue, but unfortunately it dropped off after a few days and I got less and less traffic through this pin. None of my other pins have been as successful as this one, and I have only had a small trickle of visitors to my site through Pinterest. 

I don’t know why it is that that pin did so well and then everything dropped off again, but it shows that I still have a lot to learn about Pinterest – what kind of pins do well, and what the best strategy is. Maybe that pin just got lucky. Whatever the case, I am confident that if I had one successful pin that brought me lots of traffic, it can happen again. If I keep on making new pins and stay active on Pinterest, I am optimistic that it will have great effects on my blog traffic.

Even though my spike in visitors didn’t last long, the fact that I am still getting some traffic through Pinterest is something to celebrate, because before I started this challenge, I wasn’t getting any traffic at all!

The numbers

For those of you who like to see numbers and statistics, here’s my stats for the end of June compared to the end of May:

31st May 30th June
Pinterest Monthly Unique Viewers 2.8k 715.5k
Pinterest Monthly Engaged 89 43.4k
Pinterest Followers 58 251
Total Monthly Blog Traffic from Pinterest 8 847

As you can see, all of these numbers dramatically increased! This didn’t surprise me, because I went from hardly using Pinterest at all to pinning multiple times a day. I am happy that the increases were so dramatic though!

I didn’t make any special effort to build my number of followers, so I am pleased that they have more than quadrupled.


I used Tailwind to schedule my pins in advance, and I managed to keep my Tailwind schedule filled about a day ahead for the whole month. Tailwind has been a great tool and I will definitely continue using it. It is so much easier to schedule a bunch of pins at once, rather than having to remember to pin manually throughout the day. It also optimises your schedule so that you pin at the most popular times for your audience.

Tailwind offers a free trial, but after that is used up, there is no free subscription option. You have to pay to sign up. It is not cheap – the annual plan cost me $119.88. There is also the option of a monthly plan for $15 per month. This has not paid off for me yet because I have only been focusing on my Pinterest strategy for a month, so my blog earnings have not dramatically increased. However, I think there is huge potential that this could pay off in the future. Based on my experience so far, I would recommend Tailwind to anyone who is serious about working on their Pinterest account to drive more traffic to their blog.

You can sign up to Tailwind using my referral link here.


I have been using Canva to make all of my pins. Canva is a design app that is very easy to use, and includes hundreds of templates to get you started. I have installed Canva on my phone and laptop, and I have been using a free trial of Canva Pro. The pro version offers even more features, including extra fonts, and the ability to resize your designs for different social media sites. These features are useful, but I haven’t yet decided whether I will continue with Canva Pro after the free trial is up. However, I would definitely recommend Canva to anyone who designs their own pins. I also use Canva for making Instagram posts, and featured images for my blog!

Through this challenge, I have learned a lot more about how to use Canva and its various features. I also think I am getting better at making visually appealing pins. Hopefully this will continue to improve!

What kinds of Pins did I create?

I made two completely new pins each day. At first, I mostly made pins listing the main points from certain blog posts of mine. Another type of pin I made were pins with my own quotes on them, similar to the kind that I post on Instagram. I also made pins promoting new blog posts that I wrote in June. I pinned photos of meals I made as well!

Later in the month, I experimented with some new types of pin. I made pins with affirmations on them, linking to my affirmation blog posts. On these, I wrote the main affirmation at the top, and a shortened version of the main text I wrote in the blog posts underneath.

I also began to make themed pins for many of my blog posts, using a template and stock photos from Canva. Until recently, I always used my own photos for pins, but I decided to try out using stock photos because they look very professional. I wanted to see if it would make a difference to my pins’ performance.

I am pleased with how these themed pins turned out, and they seem to be getting quite a lot of engagement. My plan is to continue making these themed pins in July.

For the remaining 3 out of 5 of my own pins (not newly created), I mainly used the ‘Pin From Instagram’ feature on Tailwind to schedule my older Instagram posts that weren’t already on Pinterest. Many of my Instagram posts were suitable to pin on several different boards. However, by the end of the month I was running out of old posts to pin, so I won’t carry on doing this.

I have been using the SmartLoop feature on Tailwind to re-pin old pins, my blog post pins in particular. I may extend this feature to quote-style pins too. This way, I will automatically pin old pins of mine on a loop.

Pinterest profile improvements

As I mentioned in my previous post, there is a section on Tailwind providing suggestions for how to ‘Complete Your Profile’. I challenged myself to complete one of these each day, and I succeeded. I completed the suggestions in the order in which they were listed, and the first bunch of suggestions were to add at least 10 pins to my emptier boards. This kept me busy for most of the month, but towards the end I got onto some other suggestions which included adding categories and descriptions to boards

I didn’t reach the end of the suggestions, so I plan to carry on finishing these. I also want to make board covers for my boards, and I planned to do one of these each day when I ran out of Tailwind’s suggestions. However, I don’t plan to carry on doing one a day in July. Instead, I have added this to my list of ‘blog improvements’, to work on in my own time.

My Pinterest Strategy going forwards

I plan to stay active on Pinterest and continue working on my strategy, but with slightly less intensity during July. This is because I have a busy start to the month. When things quieten down I will have time to focus on Pinterest more intensely again, but outside of the challenge context.

I found it more time consuming than expected to schedule 25 pins on Tailwind each day. I think this is because I kept seeing a lot of similar pins come up in my home feed, and I would take time scrolling to find something a bit different to pin. Therefore, I have decided to cut my schedule down from 25 to 15 pins each day.

I have also decided just to make 1 new pin per day, for the time being. Again, this is to save time and allow me to concentrate on other things this month. I will keep making the same kinds of themed pins I began making in June, because they seem to be doing well.

It may seem controversial for me to cut down on the amount I am pinning, when I can see so much potential in using Pinterest to grow my blog traffic. However, the truth is that I have no idea what the optimal Pinterest strategy is. I don’t know whether cutting down will have any effect on my results at all. For all I know, it could even have a positive result! I still have a lot to learn, so cutting down is an experiment in itself. It will free up more time for me to focus on other areas this month. If I see my Pinterest statistics dramatically lowering as a result, then I will know that I need to post more in the future!

As mentioned earlier, I plan to make more improvements to my Pinterest profile in my own time, including completing Tailwind’s ‘Complete Your Profile’ suggestions, and making board covers.

What’s your Pinterest strategy?

Do you have a Pinterest strategy? Has it worked for you? I would love to hear from you in the comments!

You can check out my Pinterest account here – I would love to connect with you!

Pinterest Challenge Update


  1. Wow! That’s amazing! Great job!! I love Canva for creating my Pinterest Pictures. I don’t use Tailwind right now, but I may start in the future. I just can’t add any extra expenses. I’m so happy this is working for you! Good luck!!

    1. Sophie Harriet says:

      Thank you! Canva is so easy to use isn’t it! I recommend Tailwind for the future when you can manage it – it saves so much time! Good luck with yours too! 🙂

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