Affirmation – People are Friendly and Approachable

The text below is an extension of the affirmation above. I write my affirmation posts as though pondering and affirming the ideas to myself, and I invite you to do the same, if they resonate with you. The below is not necessarily a description of my current experience.

I go into all social interactions with the expectation that people are friendly and approachable, and that the interaction will therefore go well. This means I remain calm and positive about any upcoming interactions. 

I know that if somebody approached me, I would be friendly towards them. That is the nature of my fellow humans. We may all go through challenges in our lives – this deepens our empathy for others. Even people who seem very different probably have a lot in common with me beneath the surface. 

I know that by approaching people with this expectation, I will come across as warm and friendly too. This will help to reinforce their positive response. Even if somebody might have had the tendency to be cold or aloof, my warmth will bring out the best possible response from them. Even if it is still not the friendliest response, I will know that I have tried my best and that will be a reward in itself. 

There is great power in small gestures, such as a smile or a kind word. I can be sure that what I put in, I will get back in return – and these ripples of kindness will spread throughout the lives of all involved.

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Affirmation - People are Friendly and Approachable

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