Affirmation – Life is a Big Adventure!

The text below is an extension of the affirmation above. I write my affirmation posts as though pondering and affirming the ideas to myself, and I invite you to do the same, if they resonate with you. The below is not necessarily a description of my current experience.

I am on a big, exciting adventure called life. It has its ups and downs, all of which make life interesting and varied. Everything that happens teaches me something, and makes me better equipped to carry on to the next step of this adventure.Β 

I am daring and bold, because I want to make the most out of this life, push the boundaries, make a difference, and reach my full potential. I make mistakes along the way, because that is part of life. I get right up again, stronger and more resilient.Β 

I challenge myself, and do things that scare me, because even if the worst outcome happens, in the grand scale of things it really doesn’t matter, and I will still learn from it. The more I experience, the stronger I get.

I see myself as an explorer of life. I climb the highest, brightest mountains, reaching for the sun and the best times, and I also brave the deepest, darkest caves, in a mission to bring the light there. Whatever happens, I take it with a smile and a laugh, and go with the flow. I stay cheerful and light hearted because this is an adventure to be enjoyed.

Affirmation - Life is a Big Adventure

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